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I Don't Believe There Is A God

Some say, "Actually, I'm An Atheist. There Is No God and I Know It."

Wow! That's quite a statement. 

I have a question for you. Do you know 50% of everything there is to know in the universe? "No?" I now have to ask you, "Is the knowledge of God's existence within the percentage you don't know?" It could be, couldn't it?  

Now maybe you're going to tell me you're really an Agnostic? That you really don't know, you are unsure, or you just don't believe. Agnostic does mean a doubter.

The question is, "Are you an honest or dishonest doubter?" 

• Honest doubters don't know if there is a God but want to know and they investigate.

• Dishonest doubters don't know if there is a God because they don't want to know, so they won't find God for the same reason a thief won't find a policeman.

So, would you say you are? An HONEST or DISHONEST DOUBTER? 

If you're a dishonest doubter​, well...just close this window. I really can't help you. Your mind is made up. I can never say I didn't try to explain your eternal destiny.

If you're a honest doubter, I have a 21 day challenge for you so you can find out who Jesus really is. Read one chapter a day of the Book of John (The 4th book of the New Testament. Matthew, Mark, Luke then John.) The purpose of that book is for people to believe Jesus is the Son of God, their Savior, so they can have eternal life with Him. Just make an honest investigation even though you don't believe. Use the online bible to go to the Book of John.

Before starting this challenge, just say to God, "God, I don't know whether You exist or not. I don't know if the Bible is Your Word or not. I don't know whether Jesus Christ is Your Son or He's not. I don't know, but I want to know. And because I want to know I will make an honest investigation. And because it is an honest investigation I will follow the results of that investigation where ever it leads me regardless of the cost."

Fair enough?
Please let me know how this investigation turns out for you. I accept your comments and questions.
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Atheist: a person who believes that there is no deity.
Agnostic: a person who does not believe or is unsure of something.
- Two types of agnostics: honest and dishonest. 

"It's better for me to tell you the truth that hurts and heals you than to tell you a lie that comforts you and kills you."


Acceptance: Agreement with God and both parties are legally bound.

Avoidance: An act of withdrawing from.

Apathy: a feeling of no interest.

Anxiety: fear of what might happen.

Anger: to become incensed, infuriated, outraged.